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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this App do?

This application will allow the sellers to monitor where their listing is on the Best Match search results and provide general recommendations on how to edit the listing to improve rankings on the Best Match search results. It is undoubtedly important to have the listing to show up on the first page and on high/upper rankings of the search pages to be more noticeable to the buyers to increase sales.

If i update the title or other values, does my item rank change ?

Yes, it it like google search result. If you change any data, the item rank will be updated.

How long does it take update item ranks?

It depends on the eBay. They're usually update their search result within about 6 hours.

My item doesn't show the ranks ?

We cannot find your item in search result in 20 pages. you need to update your listing.

Can i get other seller's item rank ?

Yes, you can enter the other seller's eBay id at step 1.

Can i contact to you ?

Yes, please feel free contact to us by email. (
Info@itemranks.com )

itemranks.com ( eBay apps provider )